Oelcheck – The oil talks and we understand it

“We all know that without oil in oiling or hydraulic systems there are no functionality of any production plant.
But have you ever analyzed its vital chemical properties, purity gradation, water content, …?

Don’t forget! For every plant oil is like blood at us humans and is always analyzed with special care, and from analysis results we are founding the diagnosis of human health…”
(mr.sc. Ana Rogić: Managing of inpurities of oil in oiling systems, EGE 3/2001)

Maintenance of oil in hydraulic and lubricating systems in machinery is most often a constant taking care and unwanted expenses caused from machinery downtimes. Problems are even enlarged with modern designed engines with even tighter tolerances, which are putting higher demands for purity of oil and other mediums.

Therefore, we are inviting you to leave your care of maintaining of oil and other energetic media (water, water-glycol, cooling emulsions…), and complete oil and hydraulic systems of your machinery.

Thanks to our 17-year experience, continuous education, inovation, high-class equipment and partnership with most prestigious european laboratory OELCHECK, wea re offering you laboratory analysis of all relevant parameters and indications and analysis of specific properties which can be conducted only by highly equipped laboratories.