Maintenance and processing of emulsions

In the end of June 2012, experts from DOMES Ltd. actively participated in the course associated to maintenance and processing of emulsions, which are used in machines for the processing and particle separation.
The course was held in Monheim, Germany, in company MKR Metzger GmbH, which entrusted DOMES Ltd. to be its representative for Croatia.
The course was attended by representatives from other areas of Central Europe (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) and Turkey.
Besides the facility of the company MKR Metzger, participants visited the facilities where they have seen the successful implementation of system for processing emulsions and cutting oil.
During three days of intensive theoretical and practical work, particular attention was focused on extending the life of emulsions and cutting oils, environmental protection and minimization of production, maintenance and disposal costs.
With our knowledge, experience and available equipment, we can help you to solve problems with emulsion, cutting oil or waste water from washing and rinsing in your production facilities.
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