July 10 2011 0comment

Oelcheck – The oil talks and we understand it

“We all know that without oil in oiling or hydraulic systems there are no functionality of any production plant. But have you ever analyzed its vital chemical properties, purity gradation, water content, …? Don’t forget! For every plant oil is like blood at us humans and is always analyzed with special care, and from analysis […]

June 16 2011 0comment


In cooperation with French company SIEBEC we are solving problems of chemically agressive mediums filtration, which find their area of application at: plants for galvanic treatment of materials (nickel plating, zinc plating, copper plating, chrome plating, platinum, gold…), pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, paper producing plants, sugar production, all process and production plants where filtration of different […]

June 10 2010 0comment

New contract with PACO GmbH

By signing the contract with company PACO GmbH, we have significantly expanded the available range of filter materials, the possibilities of manufacturing new and reconstruction of damaged filter elements. Therefore, we can offer: wire filter cloth according to the defined requirements regarding to the type of material, filtration fineness, a way of knitting, mechanical properties, […]