Domes Ltd was founded in 1994.

The main business of our company is industrial filtration solutions and the management of media in industry; energy transmitters such as hydraulic, turbine and lubricating oils, compressed air, water, emulsions and other cooling media.

Specialising in:

  • filtration and micro-filtration of oil, HFC media, emulsion and related systems
  • on-site and laboratory analysis of oil
  • production and delivery of filter and micro-filter elements for oil, compressed air, water, emulsion and various dedusting processes
  • supplying filter devices for the filtration of oil, HFC media and water

Additional area of our expertise are dust extraction systems in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and all places where dust and/or large mechanical particles, oil and/or emulsion mist and fumes are created during manufacturing processes.

  • Depending on the type and concentration of pollutants, the characteristics of production equipment and work methods, we offer high vacuum dedusting systems (mobile and stationary vacuum suction devices) or dedusting systems for sites operating at lower negative pressure.
  • We design schemes and implement projects; the layout of equipment and the interconnection of the functional units according to the input data and specifications

From a human impact viewpoint – all our programs are completely environmentally friendly. Many of them directly function to safeguard the workers in the workplace.

  • In addition to maintenance activities within industry, we offer additional equipment such as eco-friendly machine parts washers, eco-friendly absorbent powder for spills and pumps for removing limescale.

To become a leader in the field of management of media in industry and to hold the trust of many renowned customers by the professional and moral-ethical actions of our strong engineering team.

Filtration is our business – a business that we have been committed to for more than 20 years. The filtration of energy media can be described by mathematical expressions and equations, but to understand the problems and solve equations requires skills and experience.

Our mission is to support you, our customers, to solve specific problems of filtration. We identify and implement solutions that ensure the smooth and reliable operation of working systems, taking into account their economic feasibility.

DOMES Ltd is completely ready for such tasks. We are fully equipped and our team of engineers and trained technicians have many years of experience. When looking for innovative solutions to your needs we could use a conventional approach, however we always like to think outside the box.

On 06-04-2010 DOMES Ltd was granted the HRN EN ISO 9001:2009 certificate to certify that the quality management system concerning scope of activities: production, sale and montage of filters; filtration service is in compliance with the requirements of the standard. The certificate was issued by the Croatian Register of Shipping.
On 26-01-2018 the certification company ICR Adriatica Ltd assessed compliance and successfully certified Domes Ltd according to ISO 14001:2015. By introducing a system for the quality management and protection of the environment we obtained Integrated system of products and environmental management, which connects the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2015. Accordingly, Integrated policy was published.