Dry steam cleaning


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased hygiene requirements in many facilities and institutions. Hospitals and health facilities, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels are places where we meet with the need for impeccable cleanliness every day.
There are several ways to solve these cleaning challenges. In many cases, the best solution is simple and already known for decades: steam.
Steam cleaners heat the water to a very high temperature (usually in the range of 100-160°C). When this superheated water is sprayed onto a surface, it penetrates through the hard layers of grease and biofilms, reaching pores and cracks, which are often not available even to aggressive chemical media.
Because it can eliminate most pathogens without chemicals – or with much less chemicals – steam is not only a very effective cleaning solution, but it’s completely environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Steam cleaning applications

Of all the cleaning techniques, steam is the most flexible. It can be used indoors and outdoors, on porous and non-porous surfaces; to clean everything from upholstered furniture to food production equipment.
Examples of steam cleaning applications in environments with high hygiene requirements:

Food industry

  • Conveyor belts
  • Machine tools and control panels
  • Removal of food, oil and sugar residues
  • Refrigerator system disinfection
Health facilities / veterinary clinics

  • Patient rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Food-service areas and equipment
  • Wheelchairs and other patient equipment
  • Operating rooms
Hotels and restaurants

  • Hotel rooms
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Tables, chairs and upholstery
  • Lobbies
  • Restrooms

  • Trolleys and baskets
  • Showcases and shelves
  • Cash registers
  • Butcher-shop cutting tables and boards
Schools and kindergartens

  • Tables and chairs
  • Mirrors and windows
  • Restrooms
  • Food-service areas and equipment
  • Sports equipment and exercise
In cooperation with our partner, the Italian manufacturer Doman, we bring to the market a range of over 20 models of steam cleaners. Depending on the need and application, we will define the optimal solution for you.

Find a more detailed description and more information in our prospectus.

It looks like it’s clean, but is it really clean?

In order to meet customers demands for healthy and quality products, manufacturers must ensure that their products are not contaminated with physical, chemical or microbiological contaminants. The most common sources of contamination are staff hands, surfaces that come in contact with products, contaminated equipment and other critical points from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. Each of these sources increase the risk of contamination and unforeseen costs.

In the past, we have relied on visual checks (subjective and inaccurate) or on slow and time-consuming microbiological tests in the laboratory. In order to obtain an accurate, objective and quick assessment, we are reaching for a technical solution based on the detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP bioluminescence).

A key feature of the ATP purity monitoring system is the application of bioluminescence technology for measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a nucleotide that represents the main intracellular energy store.

Hygiene ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies. This enzyme, called luciferase, catalyzes a simple bioluminescent reaction (which produces light), oxidizing luciferin molecules when they come in contact with ATP.

The amount of light produced is proportional to the amount of ATP. Using bioluminescence technology, EnSURE Touch can measure extremely low levels of ATP, collected using a testing device. By measuring the amount of bioluminescence from the total purity, the ATP reaction provides an excellent indicator of the total purity because the amount of light produced by the reaction is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

The bioluminescence reaction is immediate, so the results can be processed at the test site in just a few seconds. The results are numerically expressed in relative light units (RLU – Relative Light Units).

Hygiene EnSURE™ Touch luminometer is a modern solution for companies that want to improve hygienic conditions in their production facilities.
We can demonstrate the efficiency of our Doman steam washers by using this device.