BIRAL grease and oil program is designed for  lubrication wherever standard commercially available products do not meet.

Examples of such cases are:

  • lubrication of assemblies exposed to extremely low or high temperatures,
  • lubrication of assemblies exposed to sea water and atmospherics, 
  • circuits with very narrow tolerances,
  • assemblies that require exceptional adhesion and durability of the lubricating layer, without separation and / or dripping.

Lubrication in industry

We always look for the best solutions for the problems and needs of our customers. In these efforts, related to lubrication in the industry, we established cooperation with the Swedish company ASSALUB.

  • This is a company with more than 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of products, assemblies and lubrication systems in the industry.
  • The first pump for lubrication of steam and diesel engines, compressors and production machines was patented in 1928. The wide distribution of this pump around the world has enabled the recognition of the brand and the Company itself. Široka rasprostranjenost ove pumpe diljem svijeta omogućila je prepoznatljivost brenda i same Tvrtke.
  • • Today, ASSALUB is an extremely respected company in the European market. The quality of its pumps and components, as well as systems for lubrication processes in all areas of industry has been recognized. Continuous growth and development, from design to complete delivery by the “turnkey” principle, combined with top products, delivery on time and competent staff – are the fundamental mission of the Company.

Always aware of the requirements and needs of customers, we are constantly working on the development, improvement and supplement of products.

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