Vacuum units

Vacuum extraction, dust extraction, vacuum conveying and vacuum cleaning with suction units from 3 to 300 kW. Filter systems of all types and all sizes according to ATEX.

usisavac1a FiltroJet, MaxVac Central High performance vacuum unit. Bag filter, side channel vacuum pump, 2 x 11 kW, sound insulation cover.
usisavac2a Filter separator type FiltroJet in explosion proof version for explosive types of gas. Installation in Zone 1. Separation of granular material in the chemical industry. Filtration of fine plastic dust. Transportation fluid: inflammable gas
usisavac3a BigBag filling unit discharges suction material into BigBags. Filter separator type FiltroJet, 11 kW side channel vacuum pump, safety filter, sound insulation cover.

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